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690 Sumas Street, Victoria, BC, V8T 4S6


Scott Macphail Shihan – Victoria Aikikai

Scott Macphail (7th Dan) began his training with Gary Mols Sensei at the University of Victoria (UVic) in 1975.  The instruction was based on the teachings of Koichi Tohei Sensei and used the 6 basic arts methods (practice focused on 6 fundamental techniques).  The influence of Kawahara Shihan was first felt in 1977 when he moved to the West Coast. Macphail Shihan was fortunate to be able to attend Kawahara Shihan’s first BC Aikido Summer camp in New Denver in 1979.  That same year Ishiyama Shihan moved to Victoria and became the Chief Instructor.   Macphail Shihan studied directly under him until 1986 when Ishiyama Shihan moved to Vancouver.  Since then, Macphail Shihan has been privileged to receive regular guidance from Kawahara Shihan and Ishiyama Shihan.  He has attended summer camps and seminars taught by North American Shihan such as Yamada, Kanai, Chiba, Sugano, Shibata, and Tohei and instructors from Hombu dojo such as the present Doshu, Fujita, Masuda, Miyamoto and Osawa.  For several months he lived in Japan and practised under Sensei Tanaka, Saito, Iwata and Lee (from Taiwan). He has been the Chief Instructor at Victoria Aikido Centre since 1986.

Bob Moline Sensei – Victoria Aikikai

Bob Moline (6th Dan) started Aikido in 1979; coincidentally, his first Aikido class was also the first Aikido class taught by Ishiyama Shihan upon his taking over as Sensei of the Victoria Dojo.  In 1986 when Ishiyama Shihan moved to Vancouver, Moline Sensei trained under Scott Macphail Shihan.  In 1990 he moved to Dryden Ontario where he started his dojo with Kawahara Shihan’s permission.  In 2004 he returned to Victoria and again became a student of Macphail Shihan.  Each year, since 1979, he has attended seminars and/or summer camps taught by Kawahara Shihan and Osawa Shihan.  He has also taken instruction from the USAF Shihan: A. Tohei, Yamada, Kanai, Sugano and Chiba; and the Hombu Shihan: H. Osawa, Fujita, Masuda, Miyamoto, Y. Kobayashi, M. Saito, Suganuma, Seki, and the present Doshu, M. Ueshiba.

Hilary Dawson Sensei – University of Victoria Aikido Club

Hilary Dawson (6th Dan) started Judo at university but switched to Aikido in 1977 in Halifax.  After moving to Victoria she continued her training under the guidance of Kawahara Shihan and was a direct student of Ishiyama Shihan for 7 years.  She has taught children’s, beginners and women’s programs and has been the Chief Instructor at UVic since 1987.

John Petersen Sensei – Shawnigan Lake Aikikai

John Petersen (6th Dan) began training under the encouragement of Gary Mols Sensei in 1983.  Training out of the Cowichan Community Centre for about a year he switched to Victoria Aikikai after watching a demonstration by Ishiyama Shihan.  With the move of Ishiyama Shihan to Vancouver he continued his training under the mentorship of Macphail Shihan and Moline Sensei.  There was also regular instruction from Kawahara Shihan, Ishiyama Shihan and visiting Shihan from around the world.  Since 1996 Petersen Sensei has been the chief instructor of Shawnigan Lake Aikikai, about 30 miles north of Victoria.

Mike Chin Sensei – Sanshukan Aikikai

Mike Chin (5th Dan) started training in Aikido in 1985 with Ishiyama Shihan and Macphail Shihan at the Victoria Aikido Centre.  In 1993 he started a children’s Aikido club at a local school and added adult classes a year later.  In 1998 he relocated the dojo to a new location, which he named Sanshukan Aikikai, meaning “The Hall of the Three Elements of Practice.” Since he started training, Chin Sensei has been an active member of the Aikido community and has worked to promote Aikido in Victoria, holding demonstrations at many local events, including martial arts tournaments and the MS Society fundraising event. He has also organized Shidoin (senior instructor) seminars in Victoria.  Beyond his devotion to Aikido, Chin Sensei also practices other martial arts.  In 1963 he started training in Judo, receiving his Shodan in 1967.  In 1991 he started to train under the founder of Modern Arnis, Professor Remy Presas. Professor Remy Presas and Kawahara Shihan encouraged Chin Sensei to teach Modern Arnis to Aikido students.

“As the children progress through the Aikido levels they are given opportunities to take on leadership roles. They are supported through this by the instructors who give them direction while letting them learn to practice. It was great to see these kids flourish in these roles and take pride in their achievements.”

Angie S