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Teen Retreat: Shawnigan Lake

May 30-31, 2020

We are thrilled to be offering our Teen students a weekend Aikido Retreat at John Peterson Sensei’s Dojo in Shawnigan Lake. This will be a fun-filled aikido themed experience. Leaving early on Saturday morning, May 30th, we will meet at the dojo at 8:00AM. At John Sensei’s property and dojo, we will practice aikido techniques and Aiki-weapons, hike a beautiful Mountain, share 2 lunches, a supper and a breakfast together, experience a meditative/cleansing dip in the Lake, play games, and sleep overnight in the beautiful Shawnigan Lake Aikido Dojo on the Peterson Farm property. We will return from Shawnigan Lake the next day at 5:00pm.
This trip can only be made possible with the participation of at least 1-2 parent chaperones to help supervise students at various times over the weekend, as well as drive kids and/or their stuff to and from the event.

All meals will be provided. All students will take part in cleaning, and kitchen chores, as part of their martial arts training.

Please complete the form below, AND acknowledge acceptance of the waiver.

Cost: $95 (to be invoiced upon registration)

Time: Be at dojo by 8:00 a.m. Saturday May 30, 2020
Pick up your child(ren) at the dojo by 5:00pm, Sunday May 31, 2020


● AikiDogi (practice uniform)
● Sleeping bag and Pillow
● Sleeping pad (optional – as you will be sleeping on the dojo mats)
● Swimsuit and towel
● Hiking shoes or sturdy runners
● Raingear
● Pajamas and 2 changes of clothes.
● Warm clothes for outdoors, including toque and gloves
● Bandanna or hat, and sunscreen.
● Personal water bottle
● Toiletries (there will be no shower or hot water)
● Personal first aid supplies, medicines and individual emergency supplies (for example,
epipen for hyperallergic sensitivities); one of our leadership team has Wilderness First Aid training
and must be made aware of any medical conditions. Your privacy will be respected.


  • Mark Brown (sensei) 250-516-7589
  • Martin Moreau (sensei) 250-216-4325

Register below; be sure to scroll down to complete the whole form.

“Joining the Victoria Aikido Centre was one of the best things I have done in my life. The movements and exercises we do have allowed me to continue working in a very physical job without the usual injuries that plague nurses. I am now 61, I still work full-time as a critical care nurse and practice 3 to 4 times a week. I truly believe I would be looking to retire as so many of my cohorts have, if it were not for my time at the dojo”

Penny R