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690 Sumas Street, Victoria, BC V8T 4S6

“The key to good technique is to keep your hands, feet, and hips straight and centered.  If you are centered, you can move freely.  The physical center is your belly; if your mind is set there as well, you are assured of victory in any endeavor.”
~Morihei Ueshiba


Juniors (age 6-18) are split into 3 age groupings: CHILD (age 6-9); YOUTH (age 10-14) and TEEN (age 15-18). ** NEW JUNIOR STUDENTS may join and start ONLY on the first class of any given month unless otherwise directed by the instructor.

Class Times

  • Ages 6 to 9

    Tuesdays, 5:25PM to 6:20PM
    Thursdays; 5:25 PM to 6:20 PM

  • Ages 10 to 14

    Tuesdays; 6:20 PM to 7:15PM
    Saturdays; 8:25 AM to 9:20 AM

  • Ages 15 to 18

    Thursdays; 6:20 PM to 7:15 PM
    Saturdays; 9:20 AM to 10:15 AM

There are widely recognized benefits to be derived from practicing Aikido.

At Victoria Aikido Centre, children will learn to roll and fall safely, breathe more effectively, relax, and respond appropriately to aggression. The children develop improved self-discipline, calmer dispositions, confidence, and respect for themselves and others. The classes are conducted in a safe, friendly, formal-but-fun atmosphere that allows each child to develop at his or her own rate of progress.  We provide a fun and supportive environment for kids to develop into all they can be.

Aikido, because of its emphasis on mind body coordination, teaches children to locate and be aware of their centres’ resulting in a more focused, alert and self-regulated child.

Since there are no tournaments in Aikido, the child receives all of the positive benefits of martial arts training without the sometimes unfortunate “side effects” of competition. Aikido teaches a “win/win” approach to conflict resolution. In Aikido no child should ever feel like a “loser”. Aikido is a purely defensive Art – children are taught that punching and kicking are not acceptable ways of dealing with conflict. Rather, they learn that aggression only leads to self-defeat. If you share these values, we invite you and your child to visit our dojo to observe and/or participate in our classes.

“I am the mother of three daughters between the ages of eight and 20 years. All three of my girls have been involved in Aikido over the last 12 years. When the girls started training Aikido at the Victoria Aikido Centre we noticed with each of them that they had an improvement in their grades and theirfocused attention span. The instruction from the volunteer instructors has been very valuable to our family and our children. The instruction focuses on respect for one another, discipline, self-esteem, character building and of course there is lots of fun.”

Teri D