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690 Sumas Street, Victoria, BC V8T 4S6

“Master the divine techniques of the Art of Peace, and no enemy will dare to challenge you.”
~Morihei Ueshiba

Adult Beginners Courses

The Adult Beginners Courses (Level 1 and 2) are where new students 19+ start. Each course segment is a month long. Beginners must attend 12 classes to achieve level 1 certification, and another 12 classes to achieve level 2 before graduating to regular classes.


  • Fees for each introductory month


Adult Regular Class

After completing the Introductory Course students can join the Adult Regular classes.


  • Initiation Fee (one time)


  • Working Adults (monthly)


  • Non-Working Adults or Students (monthly)


Juniors Class

Juniors, (age 6-18) join into their respective age-appropriate class: CHILD (age 6-8); YOUTH (age 9-12); JUNIOR TEEN (Age 13-15), and SENIOR TEEN (age 16-18). - NEW STUDENTS may join and start at the beginning of any given month. Please contact Martin at 250-216-4325 for more info and registration.


  • One-time fee for first two months (includes Insurance, Provincial and National Affiliations, Initiation Fees, Student Handbook, etc.)


  • Monthly Junior Class fees (from 3rd month onward)


Family Memberships

At the Victoria Aikido Centre we strive to support families and communities by offering a special family rate. The whole family can train at the Victoria Aikido at a discounted price.


  • First member (Full membership and practice fee in highest dues category)

  • Second Member (Membership Fee plus half the Practice Fee)

  • Others (Membership Fee only)

Monthly Dues consist of two components:  a Membership Fee of $20, and a Practice Fee ($50, $40, or $25 depending on the classification).  As long as you wish to maintain continuous membership, the $20 Membership Fee is due even if you are not practicing.  If your membership lapses, the Initiation Fee must be paid again when you rejoin.

Annual Dues are payable to the Canadian Aikido Federation and BC Aikido Federation.

“My son has been going to the Victoria Aikido Centre for about 5 years since he was 8 years old. The benefits we have seen to his life are too numerous and multifaceted to be detailed. I am very happy with the dojo.”

Doug G